It began with mud art and backyard salamanders, and matured to the fine arts and endangered species. And that's why I'm on my way to being a zoological veterinarian (fancy name for giraffe pooper scooper). I'm Mieko and I'm excited to invite you along to learn about science and be inspired to save wildlife species!

I got my Bachelor’s in pre-veterinary medicine, and now I'm almost done with my Master’s in animal nutrition. Next stop: vet school! *Choo choo* All my anatomy classes have taught me to see the natural structures in life and translate those into shapes and lines on paper. So I find inspiration for the patterns, lines, and geometry in my artwork from the animals themselves, like their bones and muscles, coats and plumage, and natural habitat and native plants.

Teaching is at the heart of my passion, so my art acts as a mouthpiece for science communication. My goal is to share science facts and research, focus on conservation research and progress of endangered species, and use my social media platforms to share this info with a wide audience. Drawing attention to the status of endangered species and global animal conservation efforts – especially the efforts championed by zoos and aquariums around the world – means together we can create a better world.


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